Chain Profit - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Chain Profit ?

Chain Profit is a strategy based online gambling game.

2. How to play this game ?

If you have bitcoin, then it is very easy. Simply sign up and deposit the amount of bitcoin you want to play with. Now, mention the amount you want to invest in a round in the dashboard and click play. When there will be enough bitcoin deposited by other investors after you to return 140% of your investment, it will automatically be returned to you after deducting 10% commission.

3. So, what is the catch ?

Each investment will expire after 120 hours. If the invested amount plus a 40% profit is not received by the site within 120 hours, the player will lose his entire bet. Hence every player needs to have more players investing after him before the investment expire. The best way to do this is to spread the word about to as many bitcoiners as possible using your referral link shown in the dashboard.

4. How does the bankroll change ?

Bankroll goes up when a new investment comes. Bankroll goes down when an old investment is paid. Bankroll remains same when an investment expires.

5. What is the minimum amount of investment ?

Minimum amount of investment is 0.001 .

6. How much do I earn per referral ?

You will earn 5% of what reference gets paid. Please note that, referral payment is made only when your reference is paid, not invests.

7. How do I withdraw my bitcoins ?

Please navigate to the Withdrawal page, check the box and save it. At our weekly withdrawal cycle, your current balance will be sent to your bitcoin address (the one you used in sign up) automatically. Withdrawal takes place once in every Monday by 5pm GMT. Minimum amount of withdrawal is 0.0005.

8. How does the system makes profit ?

System will take 5% on every return. If there is no referrer of an user, then system gets another 5% of the referral commission. That is where system gets profitable. System does not take anything from the investment, it only takes commission from returns.

9. I have more questions, which are not covered here. Where do I ask ?

Feel free to ask all your questions in our BitcoinTalk thread or direct them @ChainProfitGame.